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Founded in Rajasthan, India, our mission at Texcyle is to produce 100% organic socks and assist brands in sourcing sustainable socks while eliminating greenwashing claims. We collaborate with brands and labels committed to maintaining high standards, exclusively seeking clean products and making a bold statement in favor of green fashion. Our pride lies in being responsible community members, dedicated to ensuring that our actions benefit both the environment and its people.


Texcyle, derived from two words, textile, and cycle, emphasizes our focus on sustainable practices throughout the life cycle of our products.

The company exclusively utilizes Organic and Recycled materials in its production process. Our knitting factories are certified according to International Sustainable Textile and Fair Trade Standards.

Our Capabilities


Our extensive range of needles from 52N / 96N/ 120N / 144N / 168N / 200N  allows us to focus on different segments.

Functional aspects

Functional aspects

Functional aspects

About The Founder

Raunak Hasnani

In 2023, with 3 years of experience of sustainable textiles under my belt, I started working on organic socks that uses the least amount of resources and yet are comfortable. The goal was to develop socks with the lowest carbon footprint and maximum durability. 

At this time, I had already worked with sustainable materials for over 2 years but I wanted to also explore system changes within fashion. It was clear to me that there was no business model to follow and that I’d have to create a road map of my own. And so after much trial and error, Texcyle was born.

I believe small manufacturing businesses like mine that are challenging norms while innovating on shoestring budgets, can prove what is possible so that hopefully, big businesses will be forced to act under consumer pressure.  

Texcyle is a credit to so many people’s efforts and I’m incredibly grateful for every skilled worker in our supply chain across Europe, India and China. The fact that Texcyle is born from two words textile and cycle to showcase how we have challenged ourselves to reinvent the entire textile supply chain. While our mission as a business is doing more with less, we also want to equip people with knowledge to make informed decisions to scale back, slow down and retain value in their clothing.

“I hope, that in time, we'll be able to revolutionize the socks industry and operate on a fully closed loop system”

Note From The Founder

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